Pine Grove Sportsmen’s Membership Application

We are always looking for new members to join our club.  If you’d like to join Pine Grove Sportsmen’s Association, please download and complete the Pine Grove Membership Application, write a check for your dues and either:

(a) drop it off at the club during a league or practice night OR
(b) mail it to
Pine Grove Sportsman’s Association
P.O. Box 116  Russell, PA  16345

We look forward to seeing you around the club!

IDPA Style Pistol Shooting at Pine Grove

IDPA style competition pistol shooting at Pine Grove open to all skill levels.  Non sanctioned events so you do not have be a member of Pine Grove or IDPA to shoot.

Revolver and Semi-Auto centerfire pistols only.  Approx 45-50 rounds to shoot the course.

Come on out and join the fun in our various shooting stages. All shooting is carefully controlled to be both safe and demanding to help you increase your skill and ability in various shooting situations.

When: Last Sunday of each month rain/snow or shine. All shooting is outdoors, so dress for it.

Times: 11 am to approx. 2 pm  New shooters please arrive early for orientation at 10:30.

Note: Weekly practice is held each Thursday evening 6-7:30 pm. Cost is $5-, shoot all you want to.

Questions: call Rick Brecht 730-6052

Welcome to Pine Grove Sportsmen’s Association

The Purposes of Pine Grove Sportsmen’s Association are to promote the preservation of fish and game under the existing laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; to work for the propagation of fish and game; to assure better hunting and fishing, and work for the enactment of laws therefore; to teach observation of the hunting and fishing laws of the commonwealth, to fight against the enactment of laws or acts that prohibit or unduly restrict the rights of the American citizen to keep and bear arms in this Commonwealth and to support and promote all shooting sports.