Membership fee for all those 18 years and older joining the Pine Grove Sportsman’s Association shall be $30.00 for the first year if paid prior to Oct 15th of that year and $15.00 if paid after that date for the balance of the year.  Junior memberships are available to those under the age of 18 and shall be $5.00 per year regardless of when the application is received during calendar year.

The annual dues of the Pine Grove Sportsmen’s Association shall be $25.00 per year and shall be due on or before the regular January meeting.  All members who have not paid their dues by the last day of February shall be considered delinquent. A $5.00 late charge will be added to all delinquent members dues paid after that date through the end of the dues year. Any delinquent member shall not have any voting rights until his or her dues are paid. If dues are not paid by the last day of February, such delinquent member shall be dropped from the membership rolls of the corporation.  Junior memberships for those under the age of 18 shall be $5.00 per year.

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